Wednesday, June 26, 2019

A Poem For Thought

Courage That Day

Having courage to do what’s right
Isn’t easy in our world today
Even when trying with all your might
Situations seem to make you stray
In these times, sometimes best be quite
Then ask His strength as you pray
Your words He can then make right
Courage then becomes yours that day 🐅
   ©Doris Elaine

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Thank you all, This Poem For You

This Poem For You ❤️

Sometimes people can greatly surprise you
For the kindness given that is immense
In making one feel brand new
Due the thoughts that where dispense

It definitely gives one a clue
For an introvert, where social is intense
Unfamiliar emotions therefore grew
Giving applaud to the suspense

Greatly appreciating those that knew
For me, I knew not whence
The love that brought me through
Y’all gave to me without pretense

Smiling, thank you for love that spew
And thoughtfulness that was dispense
In dedication, This Poem For You
For giving me your love immense

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Writing Thoughts!: What Drives Your Writing?

Remember: In your writing, no matter the form, style, or platform, to always be driven by your message. Otherwise, you don't have a message! Doris Elaine

Whats Your Message?

My Message is to encourage others to pursue the Love of Jesus Christ in seeking True Love. 

Sunday, June 16, 2019

A Poem for Thought

Money Shouldn't Break Morals

Your money, although appealing
I will not break my moral standards
It only generates a bad feeling

Assuming I will bend to your dealing
Has only caused me to be angered
Your money, although appealing

The offer holds unwanted kneeling
In trying to break my moral standards
It only generates a bad feeling

How can you be so unfeeling
Assuming your money changes my answer
Your money, although appealing

To your personal desires revealing
I answered No, due my moral standards
Your money, although appealing
It only generates a bad feeling
   ©Doris Elaine
Breaking The Rules!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Magazine Special Feature

Hi Guys,

Am so excited, Realistic Poetry International is giving me a Special Feature in their magazine The Valiant. Currently the magazine is on pre-sale (discounted) to be released on June 15. Please check it out by going to site look under their magazines for the latest "The Valiant" issue. Thank you Realistic Poetry for your consideration and my appearance in your fantastic magazine! So Exciting!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Book Reviews


In case one wonders of the content or of others view, see these professional book reviews from an international and prominent organization of books Social I, Not and Not I, But I Am with Realistic Poetry International found HERE!

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Breaking the Rules Comment

Hello Guys

You know, I love reading and writing poetry. Although am a learned graduate with a double B.A. and half a Masters, my study major was not English, nor Creative Writing, nor any kind of Poetry study. However, English has been my favorite subject since I've been able to read and write. My college experience-later in life-did include writing several essays. Including, a 25 and 40 page existing essays where I scored “A's”. My essay's basically raised my grade to “A+ to B's”. I always-clearly every time- received an “A” on my essays, even the off-topic ones (few). Thus, I knew and know I can write interestingly enough to receive an “A”; to me, that means something. This prompted me to write poetry again. You see, I used to write poetry often, but prior to my blog and the publishing of my Chapbooks I had only written them on occasion, until about the last 2-3 years now writing them pretty steady. When an acquaintance read my poetry she told me they are really good, that I need to put them in a book and after having a very emotional experience on Social Media; thus, my published books on Amazon. Writing poetry now pretty often and have learned I like writing rhyming poetry. But, additionally, have learned there is more to writing poetry than just rhyming. Honestly guys, my A-V Forms project helped me see this. Have also learned, my passion in writing is with poetry. Am currently working on fourth Chapbook/book of poetry to be published 1-2 years from now. In the meantime, have decided to study and learn more about the forms and terms of poetry. I once read that poetry can be fun; it can be lovely, pretty, funny, erotic, satiric, depressing.....; basically, every and anything a human can be. Sorry guys, don't remember where I read that as was a while ago. I wholly believe that breaking the standard rules of poetry forms is okay; after all we are human, that's what we do, right! Also, who created the forms and style like the Shakespearean form/style, other than Shakespeare himself? Point here being, everyone has their own likes and way of writing poetry to create their own individual style; with, so many possibilities, it can be mind blowing to think about. Me, I like rhyming and will always be a rhyming poet, no matter the form, even if I have to break a few poetry writing rules. To me it's the message in the poem that matters most or more so than sticking to the poetry form rules; however, that's the human in me talking. Okay, lets learn and get going to becoming your own creator of poetry form/style and Let's Break Some Rules!

Peace-Doris Elaine